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11:34 AM 5/2/2007
Yesterday marks 12 years since the day I came out to myself. I think that
realization, if it's a realization rather than a thing you've always known, is one
of the most profound coming-out events that exists. People around me knew before I
knew, of course, and looking back on it, I should have probably realized around
about when I was 11. I was staring at my sister's violin teacher's chest and
drooling, for crying out loud... (Was I only 11? I seem to remember it being then.
She had the loveliest blue and white flowered dress and I sort of caught myself
staring when I noticed that she had a button slipping free and I pointed it out to
her and she was embarrassed.)

I'm cleaning out my e-mail box and doing petty paperwork at work while my brain
crunches the hard stuff; I'm hoping that I'll wander back to the DB to find that I
know exactly what needs doing.

1:32 PM 5/2/2007
Sometimes, I
amuse myself far too much
. I like giving amusing examples, though, because
things slip in while people are laughing, and that's one of my top-level purposes in

... dear gods, I was meant to be a witty requirements analyst, wasn't I. And
make that the kind of requirements analyst that not only looks for programming
stuff, but applies that same training to life in general. Oh dear.

Hooray for introspection with friends.

In less-philosophical news, query 5 seems to be running just fine now, in the
"RealHours" cascade. Testin'.

2:37 PM 5/2/2007
Ohhh, these are going to be scary beasts of queries, but I'm in the
rolling-the-ball-up stage. Sweet!

3:02 PM 5/2/2007
...I have co-workers who do not know what "fertile" means. And other co-workers who
are explaining it to them. Badly.

4:00 PM 5/2/2007 -- beverage down plz. If you like cat macros
& Star Trek, have fun.

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