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Tea, eventually.

10:48 AM 5/3/2007
A Russian spammer is spoofing my @lj as the "from" address. I am wrathful.

11:24 AM 5/3/2007
I was about to run out the door this morning when I discovered that my mesh backpack was putting chocolate on me. I failed to find the source of the chocolate, and determined that it either needed washing or throwing out. A once-over determined that really, it was beyond easy repair, and out it was thrown.

I got to like that backpack. Alas.

I plot that perhaps I can do the graduation party during the afternoon and evening or whatever, then leave for RHPS, and come back after RHPS if the party is still going strong.

Bosslady came to the writers dinner. That was fun.

hcolleen is a swiss army geek.

12:25 PM 5/3/2007
Today is the National Day of Reason, for the US.

I think I'll behave reasonably today. How about you? I'll try to think things
through before I do them, examine my assumptions, and believe that the people I interact with probably have a reason that they believe is legitimate for doing what they're doing (even if I don't know what it is).

In related news, right now I'm playing with using null-to-zero functionality in my query here at work. I'd been reading the
FAQ that includes null-to-zero
earlier, based off of nothing more than "that looks interesting and I was researching something, wasn't I?" (the wikipedia-clicky syndrome) -- and then I ran into the problem for which this is the solution. Glee!

V and azwriter were having focus problems last night. I'm having some today.

Yesterday I was talking in my head to the LF about ADHD and the blessing in disguise it can be for certain very limited applications. (I refuse to label myself ADD or consider the possibility that I might be labeled ADD by a doctor, because I don't view what I have as a disorder.) He's got the skipping attention that other kids don't have, but he's also got the hyperfocus that other kids don't have. That's the positive that he's supposed to be able to take from the situation. I need to actually have that conversation with him, since it was given to me to say to him.

Via slashdot (and theregister) : Beer-byproduct
fuel cell!

UserFriendly link of the day:

One for the nerd_sex books:

1:05 PM 5/3/2007
I meant to get up to get a cup of tea at 11:30.

1:25 PM 5/3/2007
Tea has been obtained.

From wyldemusick: and

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