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"Intercontinental ballistic teakettle." (Utter nonsense statement from comments elsejournal.) -- too true. -- also true.

Trying to catch up with the friends list for Wednesday and Thursday. I read the public stuff already, but the locked stuff may have wound up skimmed or skipped, because I'm going zoomy trying to figure out what all I missed and what's important. I think I got there, but wow, that's a lot of writing and reading. Whee!

Thumbs still a little sore from gaming on Saturday. (Me? Game?) Reality-checked with Dawn, and yeah, this is weird -- we're to look for tell-tale signs of alien abduction, though stealthily, as not to scare the poor fellow. hcolleen, who's never met him, is boggling. smmc, who's met him once, is boggling. Dawn, who went to college with the lot of us, is boggling. I'm trying to make sure that all my boggling is also bloggling, and not actual face-to-face "this is weird" until/unless it gets too weird to be Not Noticed.

(If I needed proof that I was in an AU, this just might be it.)

Weekend plans! Friday, finish up the bleeding table and fill in the infrastructure. Then go boff. Saturday, go bleed on things, then go to work's party, then go feed myrrhianna's demon-cats. There is potential for calling Dawn sometime Saturday. There is also potential for declaring the evening Done and going and seeing Darkside. Sunday, no firm plans yet, but I was plotting to make an appointment with V and her computer, as she needs tech support.

Next weekend: easalle has a thing, but also there is a thing at The House. This is topped up by RHPS that evening, which is Not Optional. That Sunday is plan-free so far for me.

Following week: V is leaving, and then there will be Pirates. Asked Darkside if he had interest in being dragged along by me. He awkwardly declined. I (equally awkwardly) inquired about two possible options (sleep/peace vs. !job), and fiercely declared that I would not be offering such an outing knowing his situation being what it is without being willing to follow through. (I need practice at being a gentleman.) He declared it to be the need for sleep. I shall offer again in case he changes his mind.

JD will be coming out sometime around this point.

And that brings us up to the last weekend in May, which has holidays. Mmm, holidays.

The first weekend in June has my birthday immediately following, and I suppose I should do something about that. The first thing that springs to mind, admittedly, involves me, Darkside, anime, and a box of strawberries.

There are other random Support-type people going to be in and around, and I really do need to get hacking on my CV, because hcolleen and I both are now thinking about things. If I get in motion in two weeks, they may have stuff going on to start June off, and that'll give me time to wrap things up with a DB in working order, and then it'll just be the part-time docs & maintenance.

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