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1:58 PM 5/4/2007
May the 4th Be With You. (Always.)
Brazil is breaking a Merck patent on an AIDS drug. Now, there's a really worthwhile copyright violation. Research does not come free, no. I think the chilling signal is coming from the drug companies, however.

2:25 PM 5/4/2007
Pink Shirt Guy is familiar with Pterry's work. I mentioned something about dragging something or other kicking and screaming into the Century of the Fruitbat, and immediately realized that I should probably give context. But I got the giggle of kindred soul before I got "And incidentally, I recommend the works of Terry Pratchett..." half out of my mouth.

I don't object to the concept of a bank in which someone deposits a certain amount for violations like foul language or some other bad habit they're trying to break. I do object when people try to impose that on me. (If I'm in their space, I get to abide by their rules, so on and so forth. But at least give a girl some warning.) What's indefensible is trying to impose this on someone while in public space or in that person's space. I've had this happen to me at least once -- I can't remember when or who, but we were either in public or in my car or apartment, and I used some not-safe-for-work language. (There were no children present.) One of my companions told me that now I had to pay some token amount for swearing. Excuse me?

I don't think I said anything at the time, but it's been one of the little things at the back of my head bugging me, whenever the general topic comes up.

Bombing abortion clinics is terrorism. Don't support terrorists.

4:17 PM 5/4/2007
80s Music Friday: Blondie, "Call Me"

4:30 PM 5/4/2007
Dear co-worker,

I am the Queen of the Stats, yes. However, I do not know off the top of my head the reason that you did not make the goal you were seeking. I know the meta-reason, which is that you are incredibly passive on the phones and speak with a whine in your voice, but that's not probably what I should tell you.

4:58 PM 5/4/2007

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