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Saturday! -- Chocolate slavery bad, mkay? -- tracking the current news on the gluten contamination. US-grown chickens for human consumption have been fed contaminated feed; there's risk analysis going on about destruction vs. slaughtering and selling them for meat anyway. -- fanged Yeti feet.

Today I was largely unconscious or semi-conscious, followed by a party. I woke up, poked at LJ with the intent of checking my e-mail and most urgent stuff, then going and giving plasma, then going to help set up for the work party. Instead, I sat there staring for a long time, got a shower, took a nap, and then sat staring (not really doing anything) for a long time until realizing that it was nearly 4pm, the shift had gotten out at 3pm, and I should go. So I went.

I evidently looked semi-conscious when I came in, enough so that at least three people asked if I was OK. (Not really OK, but there, and that was what counted.) I eventually retrieved my camera when everyone else's camera ran out of juice. I started feeling better after a while, because I had something to eat and woke up some. There was general hilarity involving the hula contest, the piñata, the salsa contest (dip, not dance), Homie G. Jr and his baby, and just stuff. I remembered that my little dinky camera is supposed to take video, so I got some footage (inch-age?) of the hula hoop insanity. One of the old ladies wound up throwing the hoop across the room by accident.

Management noticed that I'd cut my hair, and started to remark about how short it was. She stopped mid-statement, because my hair is actually about bra-strap length. She's used to seeing it about two inches longer, though, and she's a longhair herself, so it made sense to both of us. I explained that it was about two inches of split ends. She grabbed her own ponytail, examined the ends, and grimaced agreement. Somewhat later, the lady who was retiring stroked the ends of my hair and told me that my hair was gorgeous. (We're all going to miss her. She's such a very sweet person.)

There are now plots to make the party a quarterly event. The next one is planned for 7/7/7, theme to be Casino Night. (Oh god. Remember CTY Casino Night? And holding up the bank with a book? Q Squared, to be exact.)

People who did clean-up got leftovers. Glee for leftovers. I have a bag of chips, a bag of crunchy flat corn tortillas, two bags of shredded lettuce, two tomatoes, and a container of stuff to put on the crunchy flat corn tortillas. It is enough for probably at least two days of meals.

I checked in on the cats. The cats seem to be OK, if pissed off.

Darkside was in the middle of a movie when I tried calling him first. The second time I tried calling him, I got him, and he was in babble-mode. I mentioned that Dawn had asked if he'd been abducted by aliens, based on the evidence that he e-mailed me back a few times. (I didn't go into the other evidence for his probable alien experience.) He is a sweetheart; we spent 25 minutes on the phone. He was happy to hear from me, despite having heard from me quite a few times already this week...

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