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Monday mornings are a mixed blessing. -- this gives me hope for peace. Via beckyzoole.

Ran out to get kitty litter before going to work. Before I left, I at least made sure the closet door was firmly closed. I came back with the litter, poured it in the pan (going to change it properly tonight, but I've been scooping religiously, and this at least make sure there's something in there) ... and heard scuffling but saw no sign of cat.

Opened closet.

Hello, kitty.


So, yeah. Headed off to work in a few. There will likely be rantage because I'm rebuilding a whole series of queries off a new table, and I need to make sure the rest of it still works, and that things are included that need to be included. And that will mean things will break. I probably need tea. Lots of tea.

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