Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

The little things...

I still have yet to get a really good picture of Hermione-cat. (I need to also check with her human about omfg when is he moving into his new place, because it's been a month.)

Snarky Lady's Assistant gave me a little bag of catnip, which I tucked into my purse. I didn't think about it again until tonight when I got home, and shortly thereafter, Hermione was lying on my bed ripping away at the purse with her mercifully short claws. (Purse is a $7 walmart purse on at least its second season. I don't do the fancy purse thing.)

Her cat tree, which she's been ignoring, now has some of the 'nip sprinkled on it. She was paying attention to that, at least!

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