Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

One headache, free to a good home.

11:24 AM 5/9/2007
Hacking away. Got the 2nd tier of report tables set up with their append query.

Did you post the LJ Mojo meme? With image? Learn why you should have done so under an lj-cut.

11:43 AM 5/9/2007
My tea this morning tastes burned. I am regretful.

Oh, and guess what week my body's finally decided it is, full-force? I don't get it. I seem to get a spot of preliminary bleeding now before things actually turn on, and it's anywhere from a few days to a week ahead. *sigh*

12:54 PM 5/9/2007 -- "I Has a Sweet Potato." I didn't read the whole thing when metaquotes featured it, but then elorie linked it, and I knew it had to be good. Dog. Sweet potato. Human. Put down all beverages.

1:28 PM 5/9/2007
Homophones. Learn them, love them.

2:02 PM 5/9/2007

Microsoft Office Access 2003's DatePart ("q", [date]) function is not behaving as it's supposed to. It seems to be returning Q4 for a date in January; I've determined that I *will*

2:12 PM 5/9/2007
Oh, for the love of little orange sweet potatoes. It was making assumptions about which [month] to pull from. That bastard. *slappity* I thought I'd specified. Bastard.

I selected which one in the GUI when I put it in the query, but the underripe raspberry decided to ignore that when I started typing in the DatePart bit of the business. Joy.

Anyone want a headache? I have one. I'll give it away cheap.

(Note: I do not have actual physical head pain. I have conceptual head pain and weariness of the brainz. Actual frequent head pain would lead me to stop grinding my teeth, drink more water, and consult an actual health professional.)

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