Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


2:28 PM 5/9/2007
My adjusted typing speed is 65+ wpm. Good to know. (I say 65+, because once I got up to speed, my speed varied between 66-70, and I know that's slow because I'm typing things I'm reading off the screen, not typing things out of my head, and there are some words in there that my fingers just plain do not know the way they know other words, so I have to slow way down to some sort of human typing speed in order to actually make them come out right and without the mighty typo.

4:58 PM 5/9/2007
Nggggh. I broke more things. (Important things. Like, the series of queries I use to get my Hours table.) This means that Snarky Lady will not get her stats until tomorrow. Fortunately, she knows that having things like, oh, the inbounder's break time not falling out somewhere, are good things to have. And if it happens to him, it could happen to someone else. So, yeah.

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