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When does Friday feel like a Monday?

11:44 AM 5/11/2007
Provided disambiguation for co-workers on NAMBLA, underage/overage polygamy, plural adult relationships, and underage/underage relationships. NAMBLA and
underage/overage relationships are creepy. (I understand that some people are very sexually aware at very young ages, and are interested in adults, but they are very much the exception rather than the norm, and any relationship they had the possibility of getting into would have the Chibi Sue problem.) Plural adult relationships -- as long as everyone's adult and
consenting, have at. Underage/underage relationships can have problems if someone gets diseased or knocked up, and teenagers have nearly infinite capacity for cruelty and trauma, but ... teenagers, you know?

1:02 PM 5/11/2007 -- THAT is the woman who gave

2:42 PM 5/11/2007
Plastic blood! (As seen on Slashdot, but I went to the source instead of the BBC article.)

5:15 PM 5/11/2007
I should check some of these out.

...self, there are things you can't do anything about, and you're not responsible for doing things about this. Let it go. Let it go. There is an error in the program.

...and "Suzanne" comes on Pandora, and suddenly I feel my own weightlessness in my sacral chakra.

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