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If you have my cellphone number (ending in 63, not 42), be aware that this number is probably more dead than Dumbledore's ghost after the Winchesters have cracked his tomb, salted his bones, lit them on fire again, and hacked any Horcruxes (horcruxen? horcruxii?) into little bitty pieces and salted them, set them on fire, and then salted and re-burned the ashes of them and put out the blaze with holy water.

My dinky little cellphone is lost, either at work, between work and the car, in the car, between the car and the bank, in the bank, between the bank and the car, in the car, or between the car, a hard place, and a lot of water. I tried calling it. It's on vibrate. It claimed to be ringing. It may have lied.

Qwest's IVR will respond to "I lost my cellphone" with a Real Human, even after hours. This is good to know.

Got the cellphone suspended. Turns out my contract is up on Sunday. Good to know. I've been planning to upgrade when my contract is up, either with Qwest or with another service. (If I go with another service, then I want to get the phone switched over to Cox voice over IP, just to have communications services together and to have only one bleeding bill to pay on household data/voice rather than two.)

I'm going to be shopping around for new services as well. amberfox, what network are you on, and does your network do free in-network calls? (I asked the same thing of Darkside, because calls to him are the #1 priority with a cellphone. He thinks he has Sprint, but he's not sure, and he got distracted and started ordering me around in efforts to find the errant cellphone. ♥ the guy.)

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