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Final straw.

I guess I didn't make it clear.

I'm done. d.o.n.e. When I start saying bail, and someone else starts saying "Oh I think we should give them a chance" -- YOU can give them a chance. Already gave chances. Chances were when that dreadful lady with her novel about New Orleans, the one that dragged on and on and on, was here. When she left. When we talked with the center about changing the description. With the succession of recent crazy ladies. It's clear to me that we're still getting people who need a writing class, a journaling group, and all the things we're not. It's also clear to me that the group needs to be able to pitch anyone out on its ear from the get-go, to not just say "I think you want the journaling class" but try to include them but to be able to say "You want the Fresh Start writing 101 class" or something similar, and make it clear that while the group's standards for inclusion may be very, very relaxed, it's also a group that has a very clear and defined membership.

If the writers group becomes a class, I am not going to be the teacher. I do not teach writing. I WILL not teach writing. I am there to facilitate the writers group. The women's center does need a writing class, but it is not a thing that I am at all suited for. Not my bag, not my cup of tea, not my problem.

I honestly think the women's center would do better with no writing collective whatsoever than with the writers group and no writing class, to be quite honest at this point.

Wednesday night next week will be my last night as the Fresh Start Writers' Group facilitator. I am happy to facilitate the group at any given mutually accessible location. I would be happy to volunteer with Fresh Start to teach a class in an area of expertise of mine (I'm working up series of computer classes, actually, to pitch to them). I cannot and will not continue to lead the group as an open group where we have to resort to passive-aggressive techniques to edge out the really badly misfitted, and have to feel uncomfortable as a whole when we have a new person with that unexploded bomb vibe because we can't kick her out until she actually creates a disruption.

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