Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


11:27 AM 5/17/2007
And I actually got enough sleep last night.

12:17 PM 5/17/2007
It causes massive confusion when 20 interviews are backed out because of insanity in
the program, and then 20 more interviews are gathered that day, for a net change of
0 interviews, and OMG INSANITY in the sub-categories because some have gained and
some have lost, with no apparent reason and wtf was this for the right day even.

So, yeah.

12:34 PM 5/17/2007
JD is coming in at an obscene time in the morning tomorrow. Yay!

1:53 PM 5/17/2007

2:16 PM 5/17/2007
It would be poor sportsmanship on my part to abuse my contacts by inquiring as to
paid account time remaining on a certain account, then personally PayPal that amount
to the owner of the certain account, on the agreement that said owner GTFO. But oh,
so tempting.

2:25 PM 5/17/2007
Tracked down the source of the angst in the query. I think.

2:31 PM 5/17/2007
OMG it might be done. (Well, at least partially. Gods.)

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