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Azure Jane Lunatic

Friday has come and gone.

Found JD, finally. Oi! So much construction around the airport led to me being very, very lost. I finally found him, and all was well. I re-activated my prepaid cellphone, and it has minutes. That'll tide me over until I can get a real one.

JD was hungry, and we were short on Real Food, so we stopped to get groceries. We were both very tired. There was insanity. The worst bit of the insanity was what looked like gang warfare in the check-out line. Two grown men were screaming at each other at the tops of their lungs about some slight of honor or another, and quite honestly what they needed was having their heads knocked together by their mothers. Seems that the white guy was claiming to be a member of some group or other, and the black guy was claiming that no white guy could ever be a true member of said group. This led to them taking it to the parking lot and threatening to call in their respective crews. The senior cashier ditched us to go run in the direction of the problem and call the police; the junior cashier took over checking us out fairly seamlessly. She was thankful that we were taking all the yelling so well. I had my deadpan face on, which is how I get when things like that happen. They were out in the parking lot when we got out there, and there was more screaming from both sides as we loaded the car. I think all of us were out of there by the time the police would have shown up, though. As long as there was no shooting, it's all good, right?

I was up way too late. I called work to advise them that oh dear gods I was not going to be in on time. (Somehow in the translation, this wound up being "Joan was out drinking" as far as Obso1337 Manager was concerned. *facepalm* Nope, no booze for me to keep me up on work nights. I may not be Ms. Responsible, but I'm certainly not stupid.)

I did wind up going to work, and I hacked away at the very thing that Management (who is on vacation) needs me to finish. Glee! I am working on the right things! I walked to and from work, because I really needed to. I skipped out on boffer group; I need to e-mail Vincent to let him know that all is well, just schedule angst and too much going on.

myrrhianna came by on the mission of retrieving jai_dit; we all hung out and had a good time until hcolleen got home. Ecchi-chan went to bed, and the party wrapped up pretty quickly. We've decided that we have not only a bathroom, a kitchen, and living space, but the living space is a dining room, a parlor, a living room, two offices, and two bedrooms. The dining room is by the table under the light/fan; the parlor is where the keyboard is; the living room is that empty patch of floor space. hcolleen has her bedroom on top of her office; I have mine beside my office. I've been itching to re-arrange, though, so goodness knows how things are going to end up after I get poking around.

I wound up in Google's My Maps. I've started tagging assorted bits of Phoenix with my observations about it. Then I got started on Fairbanks. I left some public user-generated content for folklore and accurate road-labeling purposes, but I made a private map and started tagging the places from my childhood. The town is so very small, so very, very small. The zoom is very good as well; I can tag the individual classrooms in my elementary school. I've marked the place in my middle school where I first met Menolly of Pern. I've marked places on campus. There are so many things...

Sometimes it seems like I've been in Phoenix forever, but looking at Alaska from the air reminds me that I've been elsewhere longer, and I have more memories burned in there. Those are private.

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