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I was totally plotting a hack to get Tracfone LJ text messages.

Tracfone doesn't officially allow text-to-e-mail or e-mail-to-text messages. This is annoying for LJ users who have the service. There's a bit of a hack that works for some people -- if the network that Tracfone's buying bandwidth from allows this and the phone allows it, then it'll wind up sent as if it was through that other carrier, but this doesn't always work. (In Phoenix, they appear to be using Cingular's network. Propz to rebelsheart for pointing out the proper domain for incoming text messages.)

That hack worked on my phone, but I was plotting another hack before putting that one in place. See, LJ has this event subscription notifications doohickey, and one of the options for this is setting up your phone with txtlj and getting notifications via text message. I had a delightful little thought, and had started preparing a dated-out-of-order post, to be posted locked to that group that I want to be able to text-message me from LJ. I would then subscribe to this post with notifications to be sent to my cellphone. Finally, I would link the post from my profile.

I would have to disclaim it heavily (don't comment to it unless you want me to get a text message, dorkbrains) and tweak it a little, but I think it could work.

Ugly little hack, but I'm proud of my twisty brain for thinking it up.

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