Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


12:24 PM 5/23/2007
wAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *cries* Neptune, or, The Tragedy of Veronica, Daughter of Mars, Epilogue.

Moon icon, #102: I plot to snag that. -- song. omfg. -- omg wow.

3:01 PM 5/23/2007
The girl who was rumored to be Doing Things with Leftover Leftovers Guy came back, with kid. -- fic I need to read, but I'm not about to read it at work just in case.

It's weird to hear JD not being called JD.

4:04 PM 5/23/2007
I feel ill, and like leaving for writers group now. I want to have the time to collect my thoughts before the meeting, but then I'm also writing documentation today, so. er. um. Actually, I should check in with the office on getting them dragged through training on my database.

I'm also thrilled because omg. Database.

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