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Y'all who missed this week at writers group missed out on a doozy.

I had my meeting with the education coordinator. I was prepared for the "some women think you are an exclusive bunch" thing; we're taking steps about that one. But that was hardly the #1 concern. No. Nor was the "y'all are too loud" thing the #1 concern, even though yeah, that too.


When we go around the group to introduce ourselves and what we write? The fact that more than one of us casually says that we write erotica was cause for complaint.

[Edited to add: I want to make this absolutely crystal clear. Not the reading of erotica during the session itself: the "I'm hcolleen and I primarily write erotica" part of the group. The introductions.]

We're ... reviewing our options.

She was really nice about it; she was more uncomfortable about it than I was. Basically, the center has Policies, and "porn in classes" is not one of the things that fits their vision, even though her personal views are different from the center's views, and I pointed out that properly done erotica can be incredibly empowering for women ... preaching to the choir, but the church doesn't want any.

I didn't hardly even get to bring up the part where what the center is aimed at is more along the self-help-group lines, and we need to be able to accommodate the women coming in looking for a self-help group.

...tonight sure was sex and chocolate night again, even though hardly anyone had anything even close to erotic in their stories. Ecchi-chan reached the infamous "you have a hand" part of Winter Break, but that was it. It was all about the PORN, baby.

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