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Azure Jane Lunatic

Three day weekends are love.

Dropped by Darkside's, with the cheerful invitation of "I won't stop you from coming over." Star Wars marathon time! He and his mother sort of insisted, given that it's a three day weekend and the 30th anniversary of the series. His dad put up with it.

I walked in during the middle of The Phantom Menace. We watched the prequel trilogy. I wound up conking out during some of the fighting at the end of #2. It was fun. We skipped most of the politics in #1 in favor of a sword fight: we left when they headed off Tatooine and came back just as the Gungan army started marching.

There is Absolutely No Hand-Holding In Front Of His Parents. This is mutually understood without having to discuss it either verbally or non-verbally. There can be physical contact (my feet tucked up on the couch, toes touching his leg as if by coincidence; my hand on the couch and him sitting on it; feet touching) but it can't look deliberate.

The marathon continues tomorrow, with the original trilogy. I may see if I'm welcome tomorrow as well. (Hey. Star Wars.) I'm doing laundry tonight. I offered to lend him City of Bones once I'm done with it, but I made the tactical error of making the connection between the author and the VSD LotR parody, which made him shudder and recoil and tell his mom to not ask for any more details on his reasons for saying no-thank-you.

Didn't get the lowdown on the college situation, mostly because he was so exhausted by the time I asked; shall have to pry later. (I'm so thoughtful and caring.) Didn't ask for a steadying hand re: the private briefing/debriefing that I'm irrationally afraid of getting. Didn't decompress about the upcoming job application process, and how I'm afraid my resumé won't be good enough, that I'll make some elementary mistake on it. (I tore apart my old version, because it was DUMB. The replacement still does not satisfy me. I don't have enough valid contacts and I don't have enough technical in my old jobs, and I'm stressing unnecessarily.) Did not decompress about my hopes/fears about Book. (The Serious Writing Urge is tingling in the corner of my brain again.)

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