Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


11:02 AM 5/30/2007
Have arrived safely at work. Woke up feeling much less ded than I felt last night.
Living alone is not good for my sanity; living alone in a year like this is even
less good.

I think I'd like to declare this year OVER as soon as things clear up enough to be
safe to declare the year OVER. 1996 had nothing on 2007.

Have e-mailed Darkside, as he makes absolutely everything all better, even when I
have paranoid fears centering around him. (Turns out that him going back to college
means that inevitably some hot gamer-chick is going to steal him away. In places

3:45 PM 5/30/2007
Work event committee meeting happened. Much insanity. We are preparing for "Heat
Awareness", a bake sale, a water drive, and a casino event. Who knows how many of
these things will fly, but we're trying. Oh, and a change donation drive too.

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