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Hello, Friday. Nice to meet you too.

12:28 PM 6/1/2007
I think I'm back down to a human level of comments and such in my in-box. Everything either requires some degree of deep thought, is on something locked, or otherwise requires me to be logged in or not at work.

1:15 PM 6/1/2007
Sometimes everything just clicks together and you think, "Why did I not see that?"
Sometimes everything just clicks together and you think, "Wait, everyone else didn't see that?"

2:31 PM 6/1/2007
Got my primary paperwork for the day out of the way. My backup was doing stuff in her real department, so I got to do my own paperwork.

That 'Interests I Don't Like' meme:
depression: I would venture to say I probably have it, though I've never been diagnosed. I don't like it. This is why I'm on St. John's Wort.

dissociative identity disorder, mpd: This was a large part of my existence from age 14 to rather recently. It worked for me. I'm not sure if I liked it or not. It kept me sane, at least, even while it was inconvenient. Most recently it's been a dissociation without so much disorder, and then not so much dissociation, as the varied parts of my lives came together in a coherent fashion that supported a united identity.

ectogenesis: I'm not sure what I think of the concept as a thing, but it's the title of one of my novels-in-progress; almost all references I make to that word are going to mean my abandoned novel, rather than the actual idea of birth outside of the mother.

html: I'm not sure if I like html or not. I have to use it, though, so I sort of have to take an interest in it. Contrast c++, which I did really like when I was playing with it.

nevermore: I am one, whether or not I like that. This is the state of being an alumnus of the Center for Talented Youth programs, one who has aged out of the program. No matter how much I wanted to, I will never be a CTY student again.

robert jordan: Actually, I might want to take this one off my interests list, because while his books interested me when I was 21, they've dragged on too long for me to really take an interest in following until the series has been completed.

rpgs: This is misleading in this meme. I like 'em just fine. I just don't play them. I'm not a gamer. I hang out with gamers.

trenchcoat mafia: This is an old protest interest, sort of. We were just the weird kids who wore trenchcoats. We weren't terrorists or hooligans, except those of us who happened to be. We weren't organized crime. We were the weird outsiders, and if we hadn't banded together, we all would have been the school's victims-of-choice.

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