Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


3:16 PM 6/1/2007
Hi! Yes, the site is slow.

3:55 PM 6/1/2007
Yay paperwork. Got some of Traveling Manager's paperwork mailed off. Going through my inbox to get things entered and stuff. Yay. Yesterday I taught Traveling Manager about 'open in new window'. I have this thing about teaching her cool tech tricks and trying to explain things rather than teaching her by rote, because I know she's bright enough to pick up on it if it's taught right. She doesn't have the mental blocks that 100% preclude her learning these things. So I teach her. She's got this delighted, childlike attitude when she gets it, and that learning experience of hers is so very rewarding.

4:46 PM 6/1/2007
I created a poll for the group, so we can vote on what we all think. The poll closes on Tuesday.

6:28 PM 6/1/2007
Whee documentation and poking at stupid spreadsheets. Annnd we have a JD that is done with the shift, so I can say that I am done with trying to get ahead for next week, and go!

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