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Voice Post: Revision #0 by SpinVox: Cocks(?) is down.

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“Hello, as everyone may have noticed, I am offline at the moment. I see that my cocks(?) is down, it's blinking at me & I pinged(?) out last night around 10:30 & I seem not to have gotten service back yet. So, I am a little annoyed & perhaps even raspel(?) but I went to Esels(?) party last night, that was an excellent party. Fun was had by all. Although the air conditioner breaking down in the middle of a delightful drunken party was sort of put a damper on things, although put a heater on things, but not good. We wound up going home around midnight ish with Mack Ferty(?) & then kaboom, bed. I was teasing JD a lot. Now I'm wandering out to do my whole Sat thing. Maybe I'll go hang out with Dock Side later I hope. This is my birthday weekend cos my birthday's on Mon & I'm just hoping it's going to be good.”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic

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