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Pre-birthday weekend.

lolgods. OMG.

So yesterday I went straight from work to myrrhianna and jai_dit's place, and from there to the bank to the grocery store to the PARTY. And oh, a party it was! There was enough general boozin' that a timeline is a little flaky. rhea_windrider and her husband were there. Her husband was mostly on his laptop; rhea was having fun with the country version of Karaoke Revolution. Cap'n Brad was mixing Swamp Water. There were dodgy chips. I completely sucked at the karaoke (with the notable exception of "How Do I Live") because I just don't know that many country songs. There may or may not have been debauchery. There was definitely a klutz!JD displaying his notable pupils-the-size-of-nickels ability, which is something he does even in good lighting without massive insanity in party conditions. Around 11:30 or so, the malfunctioning chiller system became very apparent, and most of the party moved outside. Evidently it continued after we went home.

I came home to an unhappy hcolleen having a lack of internets. I crashed out, but it did not improve in the morning. Oh, and Hermione-cat missed the litterbox.

I went over to the Myrrh & JD & cats apartment, and delivered the milk. I went and gave plasma. I called Darkside, and he didn't object to me coming over and smacking him around with a duct tape swords. So that's what we did.

Having a duct tape sword fight directly after giving plasma is not a good plan, I learned. I learned this in stages rather than in a catastrophic event, and Darkside held his own against me.

We wound up sitting down and having a nice long talk. He's the best friend I've ever had, and he's not That Idiot Shawn. He is compassionate and honest, and has always told me the truth. Today while we were sitting down together, he said the right words at the right time so that I now know he's telling the truth to himself.

All told, the sword fighting, the conversation, and the subsequent watching of silly Star Wars fan films all took just over three hours, but it felt like a few lifetimes. Sitting on a gravel lawn is not comfortable. By the time I wound up going home, my teenage Vulcan training had kicked in again.

My internet is still down at home. I went nearly directly to Myrrh & JD's, with a quick stop off for frozen pizza, cherries, and ice cream. I am borrowing some Cox. They went and troubleshot while I was out.

On the bright side, all the random fuckery that life could throw at me now is diminished by crazy factors. Writers group, LJ, and work are all suddenly scaled back in my personal view of things.

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