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11:45 AM 6/5/2007
Got locked out of the system. Alas. Logged in under an alias. Working on docs and training my backup/replacement. I think next we go to her cube and make sure that she can get everything done that she needs to get done and knows how to repeat it, because I think that the only reason that people can do some of the things that they do is because I've got the settings right, and if they don't know how to duplicate that, then there's going to be a world of hurt when I wind up going part-time.

Need to teach her my crunch-the-Oracle spreadsheet thingy.

12:48 PM 6/5/2007

Note: times listed below are
Eastern Standard Time
Affected AreaAffected Service DescriptionLatest UpdateApproximate Beginning
ArizonaConnection LossSome customers in
Phoenix may be unable to connect to the internet at this time.
Our technicians are aware and working to resolve the issue.
Currently there is no estimated time of repair. 6/3/2007
2:26:49 PM
6/3/2007 2:09:27

1:15 PM 6/5/2007
Aunt-Fayoumis wants to plot a road trip sometime. Hmm. She wished me happy birthday; Dad sent an e-mail last night, and said he was sending me some cool fishing line. Mama has a new computer.

1:57 PM 6/5/2007,,2096160,00.html -- Libby sentenced.

2:38 PM 6/5/2007
New rule: if the supervisor can feel your damn bass when your vehicle is outside the building, and the supervisor is at least 40 feet inside the closed building, in a room which borders on the outside air only on the ceiling (there is a break room and a hallway between the front of the building and us), your music is too loud and you need to turn it off.

I could not work with that going on. Fortunately for them, they turned it off before I got out there to turn it off for them.

Sims of Gor -- oh god no. -- dear state troopers, why the fuck did you not listen to that wingnut? -- Paris Hilton BPAL Limited Edition scents.

3:16 PM 6/5/2007
There are two dodgy characters sitting in front of me and whispering and giggling. They don't seem to be aware that they are in fact sitting in front of a supervisor, and that I can hear them. Not aware of their surroundings. Nope. Not at all.

3:40 PM 6/5/2007
I have hot tea and documentation and Headphones of Oblivion, so I don't really care, except I can see them whispering.

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