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We has a Cox.

9:45 AM 6/7/2007
Sis called last night; so did V. I called Sis back, because she was likely to be up still. She had some bad news; eris_raven got in a fight, savaged the other cat badly, and was put down. She's always been a violent little cuss, so I'm honestly not surprised, but it's still sad to hear.

I don't think the situation with the center is quite as dire as all that, but we're still moving. sol_amoun is the Counterculture guy; I ran into him while looking around for after-hours meeting spots before.

And, whee poetry slams!

Relative Locations

I have cherries. This makes me happy. I have decided that stopping by Sprouts on my way to work for some seasonal fresh fruit is the thing most likely to keep me on the healthy snacks train, even though it does lead to a lot of cherry pits around my workstation. This is what old styrofoam coffee cups are for, because there are a lot of them that wind up around the workplace.

I'm not sure if the office has issued a memo schooling the new hires on the topic of spill-resistant cuppage yet, but they do need to. I was seeing too much unprotected cock sticky beverage in the call center, and it wasn't just jai_dit, who got notified ahead of the crowd. (I am a hardass, and pick on my friends.)

10:51 AM 6/7/2007

Hooray corporate breakfast leftovers! I scored strawberries, whipped topping, and pineapple. I passed on the doughnuts, because quite honestly the fruit tastes better and is better for me. Some of my cherries may actually last until tomorrow. I like corporate breakfast meetings, because they always get too much foodz for the whole meeting, and if I don't have to attend the meeting and I get fed, everyone's happy.

My elder clone's little daughter had an appendicitis operation yesterday. She was doing well the last I heard. She was supposed to have heart surgery on the 10th, but gods know what's going to be up with that now.

11:25 AM 6/7/2007
*facepalm* My trainee said that her goddaughter called her an ID-ten-T, and she thought it was cool until someone called her out on it. I taught her what "RTFM" means.

I have figured out the optimal windowstacking for CGI:IRC at work while actually working. I have something productive in the background, the edge of the cgi:irc window with the timestamps showing, then a productive window on top of that, so I can see timestamp change activity, but the actual conversation is not right out there, and my focus is on what I'm actually working on. Working very well so far.

I definitely know the new poem that's going in my free text now. I wrote it last night and it brought the house down.

Mama's right. I am a poet. I'm just a very literary one.

11:49 AM 6/7/2007
I will be Out of Lipton Vanilla Caramel Truffle tea as soon as I brew and drink this last bag. I don't think I'll be replacing it any time soon, because the scent is a little too loaded to drink comfortably for a while.

1:38 PM 6/7/2007

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