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Friday and Saturday

Friday, I went to work and did paperwork. Then I came home and tried to get my computer in order. I was getting tired, but eventually went out in order to accomplish some shopping. This happened in the company of jai_dit and myrrhianna. There was assorted silliness. Polka-dotted umbrellas, the color pink, insane and purple, blowing on glass containers, pipecleaners so the cat poop would sparkle, holding shirts up against JD to see how they would look on him (he likes fun shirts, with flowers or fruit; we are leaning towards plaids); the thought of Nibiki vs. an exploding ball, lots of joking about soda and camera memory cards (don't ask), and the complete lack of steakums. I will dance around and look as if I am losing my balance when I get tired and silly.

Saturday involved sleeping in, then being a rather not productive zombie (but a clean one!) by poking at the computer and taking a nice shower. I called Darkside. He had to study, so there was not much phone-time, but a whole lot of giggling and bad puns happened. That's sort of inevitable when we talk to each other. meacu1pa's party followed, and it was good.

We came somewhat unfashionably late. Parking was horrendous, as advertised. We eventually found spots; myrrhianna was given a phone number by the guy vacating the spot. This was a *pear* moment. There was dinner. There was swimming pool. There was insanity. In attendance: meacu1pa and the "hand"-yman; rhea_windrider and husband; danielle_faye and husband; jai_dit, myrrhianna, easalle, trystan_laryssa, a cameo appearance from hcolleen, jetpack_monkey and midnightfae, and ... am I leaving anyone out? Oh, two of meacu1pa's friends who I don't know, who left around 7-ish.

There was sculpture. There were games. There was gossip. There was insanity. I may remember the ASL for "blowjob" in the morning; I may not. (It's very similar to the sign for "attack", which similarity evidently livened up a lecture on WWI that the "hand"-yman was translating.) Fun was had by all. JD crept up behind me in the pool and used a pool noodle held between the legs to poke me in the behind, and announced "Surprise! Buttsecks!" This meme got spread throughout the whole pool. We completely overflowed the hot tub; there had to have been a dozen people in a very small hot tub. I throw waterfight-toys like a girl. The Legend of AK-47 Guy was spread to the jetpack_monkey/midnightfae direction. It turns out that the "hand"-yman runs an Amber game.

We eventually all wound up playing Cranium. (Well, those of us remaining, minus the "hand"-yman.) rhea_windrider, her husband, and easalle formed one team; jai_dit, trystan_laryssa, and I formed another, and meacu1pa, midnightfae, and jetpack_monkey formed the third. The "hand"-yman occupied a couch and made sarcastic commentary. My lack of pop culture showed through in places. The most notable one was when I was supposed to act like a character. How the HELL was I supposed to act like The Fonz when I had never so much as seen the source show, much less read up on the characters? In desperation, I pulled the only bit of knowledge I had about the show out of the archives of my brain. "Look! A shark!" I said, and then took a leap. Amazingly, it worked! Immediately! My team knew exactly what I meant. I only knew the reference because I'd been reading up on the history of the phrase "jump the shark" way back when; if it had been a less iconic thing that hadn't worked its way into pop culture as a whole, I never would have managed to portray that character at all.

I wound up going home with the fruits of my adventures in sculpting. The red sculpture is still intact; the blue and green ones are not.

We do have to plot a coherent plan about the Return of jai_dit to California.

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