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Darkside was busy studying when I called this afternoon too, too busy to even babble at each other for a while. Alas. I see how he's probably going to be busy studying a lot in the future, because of that college thing. (And seriously, if you guys in the peanut gallery anticipated some form of major explosion, you may have overestimated the crazy and underestimated the best friends thing significantly.)

Some general tidying was accomplished. I had two TFM drawers, and one of them was completely emptied and TFMs for things that I no longer own were disposed of. myrrhianna was the happy new owner of the moderate-sized crockpot that I never use because I use the large crockpot because I cook for an army of one and then freeze it.

Flour and sugar are now in the cupboard under the stretch of counter that they used to be sitting on. If I can move all the appliances and dishes out of that cupboard, it can be the baking staples cupboard, and I'll have a baking staples cupboard, a spices cupboard, a dishes and teas cupboard or two, and a regular foodstuffs cupboard. And all will be happy! I still need pantry space, of course, but this will be more organized.

The bathroom floor was swiped at, but still will need serious attention thanks to Miss Kitty's box being generally in there. I gave the kitchen floor a bit of a swipedown too, and those jello spots are soaking. Hall needs sweeping, hall rug needs beating and then washing, but that'll happen when it happens.

jai_dit and I wound up looking at plots for the late-summer road trip to return him to his homeland. Preliminary plan: drive from Phoenix to the LA area, find a suitable crash space in the LA area, drive from the LA area up the coast to the SF area, find a suitable crash space in the SF area, do touristy things and have fun in the SF area (LJ fudge for 6A?), wind up in Stockton somehow, crash at the house, and then head back to Phoenix. I know sithjawa is California, as are pyrogenic and ataniell93. I'd like to introduce the new gang to Guide Dog Aunt, who is SF and generally has a spare room, especially if she has a month or two of notice that we're in the area. And since raranax is safely graduated and stuff, he may be around as well! Aunt-Fayoumis has expressed desire for an insane road trip as well; it would be very interesting if she were to be picked up on at least one leg of this for great justice. So. Good times to be had by all!

I don't know what my job situation is going to be at that point in time, but my cunning plan is to save up vacation hours from my current job, which I'm plotting to be keeping part-part-time, and use that in order to get through the days off work that I'll have to take, wherever it is that I'm taking them from. I did send my draft resumé off to a friend to look over; if there are no glaring flaws I'll be applying for the job that I want within the week.

Cox went down for about five very scary minutes a little bit ago. Ph34r!

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