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12:07 PM 6/11/2007
Lacey -- same icon set as the quoted one, which is why I used it there. Credit is in comments to mine. Feel free to go to the source, examine the set, and let the original artist know you're ganking.

1:23 PM 6/11/2007
I think I probably want a tea icon, namely, something with a caption along the lines of "This problem is too complex to be resolved without a cup of tea."

1:30 PM 6/11/2007
Our training room doubles as a hallway. People pass through here because the alternative involves security doors. We are supposed to have a security door, but the main security feature of it is the doors that are secured are key-locked, rather than keypad-locked. There is a sign on the inside of the door asking that we keep the door closed when not in use, because it is supposed to be a security door. This means that we leave it open only half as much as we want to.

2:08 PM 6/11/2007
Reasons given by trainees for leaving their last jobs: "My car got jacked on the way to work." Oh, and then the lady who put "Personal." as her reason for leaving all previous jobs. No schedule conflicts, no better opportunities, no moves -- only "Personal." Personally, I have my own opinions about that...

2:24 PM 6/11/2007
Decided to test the issue that someone higher-up asked me to test because I asked sassy questions about it and it wasn't known. The result seems to be clearing the username field and repeating the prev. error message even though is currently incorrect, not talking about details in any case. So! I have a case where the error language output needs correcting, maybe! I proved what I thought I might prove, with a bonus of "not telling me the right answer".

And if y'all followed that, you be in support-comms, readin' my comments.

I forgot my headphones today, so I'm stuck without music at work while the trainers interview potential trainees. I'm exploring the possibilities inherent in Google Docs for LJ-posting, because I saw that someone was using it as a client to post, and that's certainly a better idea than a Notepad file. Less footprint on my machine, and more auto-save action, and less clunky post-by-e-mail odd line breaks.

Forget "first post"; "first pun" is a far better coup. Especially when I'm competing against the likes of pauamma and leora and ... oh, heck, the whole dang support crew. ♥

Holy fuck, I made metafandom:

And that one girl, trendy chick #2, went back on the phones. Seems that between Obso1337 Manager and Snapping Gum Super, she got fed up and got the hell out. Can't entirely say I blame her; Obso1337 Manager is not entirely the best manager in the world. He micromanages and is Always Right.


I should get lunch or something. Applesauce with orange juice for breakfast (mixed together); strawberries and assorted pretzels/crackers for snack; time for lunch. Yay lunch. I brought pasta-with-sauce, helpfully frozen.


Yay for end of the day.


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