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Tuesday takes you by surprise

Getting caught up on back paperwork from the weekend. Joy. Nice set of new suggestions out there. Haven't tagged them yet, but they look mighty tasty. I worked out last night, so I have a bit of delicious stiffness remaining. I'm hoping to get some of that tonight. I actually do like it when I'm in the mood for it, and it seems like it's that season again. I took a book and music; I wound up putting down the book after the first ten minutes. I'm hoping to get back to where I can read through the entire half-hour "walk". There are just times that I feel like staying inside and still getting a workout, and the little room there delivers that. There are times that nothing will do but the Outside, but I'm a pampered indoor creature a rather lot of the time.

Strawberries were $0.99 a package when I was grocery shopping last night. I'd intended to get cherries, because I love cherries, but I love strawberries too, and the budget glared at me and said that strawberries it was, especially for my daily work-fruit. I've made a habit of bringing fruit to work with me every day, a lot of snack-size fruit, because I will be snacking, and I might as well be snacking on something that I like and that I should be eating. It's possible to overdose on fruit, but it's a lot generally more healthy to overdose on fruit than to overdose on pure sugar, processed starches, and preservatives.

One of those random little witchy things -- I'm part of a larger working focused on personal alchemy, but I'm increasingly uncomfortable with money as the symbolism for the changes. More money would be nice -- more money is probably even necessary -- but I have things to get accomplished that money is not going to solve, and I don't want to focus on more money to the exclusion of the other stuff that I need to work on.

I know without room for doubt that the removal of the uncertainty was a major chunk of lead dropping off my shoulders. I'm standing straighter, with just as much certainty, and more power. I need to get the things that were hiding behind that written out of me, and get some of the processing on that done. This is the first time in over twenty years that I've been completely free, though, and I enjoy that more than I thought I could have.

My trainee had a tea-problem. I'm so very glad I have tea at work; tea is a very viable coping strategy. I have no idea what sort of confusion there was, but omg the confusion was thick. Rather, I know what the confusion was. I just don't know why.


Fic notes: About the laws of biology, physics, and social stuff -- are you going to obey them or not? If you don't want to operate on real-world rules, fine, but figure out what the rules are for the world you're writing in. If you have to invent improbable reasons in order for someone to have the cool stuff that they have and no one else does, and it's sounding really forced, consider moving to a world where cool stuff is more normal, and more people have cool stuff. If someone gets special exceptions made for them on the grounds that some special circumstance or other applies, how are other people going to react to this?

2:16, from my drafted comment to the post made by the deleter:

"..."close the browser"?

My home machine is nearly always on. If I had a dedicated home desktop rather than a follows-me-around laptop, it would be always on with the exception of rebooting for software update purposes. If I want to make sure that my roommate doesn't see something I'm reading for any reason, I will lock my computer rather than close my browser.

This is a hardcore-geek way to use the computer, but there is a significant chunk of LiveJournal who use their computers in hardcore-geek ways. Anything that's implemented site-wide for everyone will have to take that sort of use into consideration. "


Oh dear god.

Dear Joan,
Hope you are well. After speaking with the Center Director, here are guidelines and perameters for the group. If indeed you all can agree to the terms, we will have a successful outcome.
Every women attending a Fresh Start session must feel welcomed, included and comfortable with the topics being presented.
This being said, Fresh Start will bring in a facilitator for the group, to help guide the process in writing and sharing. This way there is clear direction for goals and obejectives for the group.
No profanity or explicit sexual content permitted in the context of the group meeting at the Center.
Please let me know how you feel about these. Thanks so much!
The group is going to be So Very Happy. I'm seeing us decamping early, I think, and maybe making a mass pilgrimage over to the new place. We could light candles or something. Make it symbolic.
Draft of a response:
Dear Alisa,
Many of the current participants write on topics that have affected them in their own lives, and use writing as a means of expressing and working through mental and emotional roadblocks. Those members would feel excluded and unwelcome if restrictions are placed on what they can or can not write or share. The writers group values a safe space where each member can express herself openly and honestly, while the center values a safe space where no women will encounter things that could be reasonably considered to be controversial. These goals are not compatible, and cannot be made to be compatible. The group has arranged for another meeting space, and will be moving there effective next week.
It has been a pleasure spending time at the center.


Yes, that drafted response lies, and lies badly, but it's a social lie. And most of the time at the center has been a pleasure. It's one of those social things that we do because the snakes respond better to it.

I have a lot of hot tea with just a hint of blackberry. It will soothe me. It is a good.


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