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Blast from the past.

Wow, nothing like an unexpected e-mail to brighten your day. Seems that back in '01, I ran into some bad punctuation in a college textbook, in an essay that the class was deconstructing as an assignment. I riffed off that bad punctuation for the length of the whole essay, and evidently did so with some heat, and copied the essay to LJ. I vaguely remember running into a later edition of the textbook where the punctuation was not so objectionable, but on the whole I thought nothing of it since then.

Until now.

I've got an e-mail from the author of the essay that I was deconstructing with such heat, explaining the situation, objecting to the rather academically vile objections I had to his essay on the strength of that bad punctuation, and wishing that I take down & retract my diatribe on the grounds that I was working from incorrect information. Which is definitely fair enough. Google being the elephant it is, though, I'm wondering if what he thinks he wants is really what he actually wants. I could probably riff off the modern social web implications of a link gone dead vs. a link with edited content for a few hours, but it's after midnight and I have a potentially long day tomorrow what with work and group and all.

I'm just completely boggled that something so very distinctly old would show up on my doorstep now. I've got my inbox to sort through, then I'll be getting back to the guy once the sheer WTF wears off.

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