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Yeah, that one was definitely my bad.

So I come home from anime night to a rather righteously (and rightfully!) annoyed e-mail from Christopher Little, the author of an essay that I'd viciously deconstructed back in 2001 as the result of a freshman assignment to take one of several essays and write an in-depth critique of it. He explained that the textbook that I'd found the essay in had a mis-print: notably, the ending quotation mark in a paragraph of text that his essay had quoted from another essay was misplaced. Not having done all the research I should have, I had come to the erroneous conclusion that the bad placement of the quotation mark smelled of plagiarism. This was not the case; it was an editing error in the re-print of the essay in the textbook I was working from. When reminded of the essay, I vaguely remember that the textbook was updated and that I'd gone to the essay and looked, but hadn't seen the problem. Mr. Little asked that I do something about my incorrect entry.

I have apologized to him via e-mail, and edited the original entry to clarify. (He'd originally thought that perhaps I should take the entry down, but I pointed out the Google/ thing, and he agreed that my idea was all right too.)

LJ posts get around, it seems.

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