Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

2007 06 14

In Soviet Russia, Thursday never quite got the hang of you.


Going back through the documentation. The gathering-and-prepare-data-for-upload part looks pretty solid; there are a few tweaks that have to be made to fix it, but that's OK. That happens.

*sigh* I have thoughts in my head and they don't want to come out quite right, not without a link or five and a rant and too much information about me and the things I like to read. Not that y'all don't know what I like by my link-posts. But bradhicks has a very well-thought-out, informative post. And I'm looking at that and I'm thinking: "And the older men who were speculating about Britney when she was underage aren't more creepy than older fangirls?" I know the inside of fangirl heads fairly well, but older men drooling after seriously younger women just hits my squickbutton hard. (I enjoy my SS/HG once she's grown up enough to give as good as she gets. Not before then. ((Not unless it's seriously well-done fic, but even that has a certain squick-factor that's safe because the characters are fictional. Britney might as well be fictional, but still.)) )


Oh wow. Is it Mercury retrograde or something? At least my meeting with Management was productive.


Darkside tends to know the good things to say, so I'm e-mailing him. Looks like my e-mail to the Alisa came out all right as well; she's responded with good wishes and a thanks for the signed note. I don't want to look at it all Slytherin; at least she's keeping the forms of politeness and welcoming us back individually to the center for other things, which is I think a good sign.

One of the things that's important to keeping an online quasi-safe space is to at least know who everybody is. And if someone maintaining said thing asks you who the hell you are, you need to tell them. If you tell them some BS that doesn't actually include who you are, expect to get your ass booted. I let someone know they were an unknown party and had been removed; they flamed back at me. WTF?

I hate having my adrenal system go hyperactive and then not wind up needing it. I think it's probably time for me to go punch something. ...Or get lunch, which I should probably get.


Stars Fall Home has been mailed. Yay! Have poked othercat as I pre-ordered two in the suspicion that she would want one and that she might not wind up pre-ordering it. Yay happy filk music!

Now have access to shared folder with some vital stuff in it. Alas that the stuff is Not What Will Go Nicely In That Database, Dammit. *cusses up a storm*


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