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Little bits of my life

I type in the community name as if it were a personal journal name, knowing LJ will redirect to from that. is painful and hilarious, and involves tea.

My sleeping habits have not been so good lately, but I'm working on that.

At the writers dinner on Wednesday night, I managed to completely win at whipped cream. We were sharing desserts, and I wound up putting some whipped cream on M's finger, and licking it off. Now, rhea_windrider had just done essentially the same. I am a competitive type, and if I have skills in an area, I do want to be able to showcase them. So, I wound up doing a very skilled job at removing the whipped cream from the finger.

The rest of the people at the table tell me that M was about one step from needing some private time.

I win at whipped cream.

The grocery store on the corner is evidently closing. Alas! This means bad things for the household. It's not screamingly horrid, but it is not good either. If I did not have a car, it would suck hardcore. There are enough people in this apartment complex who do not have cars that it will really suck being them.

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