Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Unfinished projects. And you know, I'd started seeing that, a little, myself. I've started a file for the scraps of poetry that come to me but don't go anywhere. I mean, I have countless files with those in them, and more LJ-ing, but I don't have a central place for them. Didn't. Now I do.

I'm in ur t-shirt, filling in ur blankz.

If I ever get crazed fans who start telling my other fans what they may and may not say to me, please point me to it. (Friend who writes. Heard about something like this happening in their fandom. *pear*

Oh, *jesus*. WFI = still batshit and annoying the advertisers. -- Ignoring Brain Illusions.

A better TMI warning than most I've seen: "Caution: Gynecological content." (From an unspecified member of my friendslist, unless they wish to claim it.)

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