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Sick Day

So I come home from anime night (we all fell asleep before 10 at anime night, actually -- just crashed out on the floor or whatever we happened to be in) and write up my thoughts -- and then I can't get to sleep because my stomach's hurting. At 4am, I saw how things were and e-mailed Pink Shirt Guy and his counterpart letting them know what was up. I hope they understood it, because my grasp of the language is none too good when I'm feeling that sick.

This eventually turned into "well, it's 8am, and my stomach has finally settled and I think I'm keeping water down now."

jai_dit was still up when I poked him, and wound up coming over here to sleep on the living room floor and be another person present in case something happened to me. hcolleen got me juice and crackers, then went off to her interview. Her successful interview, I might add.

I'm awake now. Shaky, and groggy, but succeeding at crackers and grape juice.

Work is not happening, not unless I feel a whole lot better in the next hour or two and go in to get some docs-pounding done. Writers group is not happening for me tonight.

It sucks, but I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow.

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