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[206] Things about today:

Didn't actually get any Grammar Bitch action on that story. :(

Watching someone have to explain the concept of "circle jerk" to someone else is v. amusing.

If there were a betting pool about the number of people who say NOO LJ YOU SUCK SUCK SUCK AND I WON'T GIVE YOU ANY MORE MONEY! and then turn around and get a permanent account, that would be wrong, bad, immoral, and actually highly funny. I'm not about to start one.

Today's weird IRC fad involved nickchanging with http status codes after the usual nickname. I was Azz|203 for quite a while, which amused me greatly.

I'm feeling much better. My stomach & the rest of the upper end of my digestive system stopped rebelling by 6 or 7, and I was able to get to sleep around 8-ish.

I called the prospective new employer back, confirmed that YES I WAS INTERESTED IN COMING TO THE MEETING, and got location/time/jazz mailed to me. Yay. Shall print out copies of relevant stuff, because it helps to be overprepared. -- This just scares me, makes me sad, and makes me angry. How do these things get tossed aside like that?

This might explain my problem with walnuts.

This kid sounds too much like That Idiot Shawn.

I have caught up to date on the stuff posted in lightningwatch. Go, me.

Right now, my hair has a string of beads in it. This used to not be unusual for me. I started doing it back in '95, because of the headbanging and stuff. This is a particularly long string, for my head. Today, I get to chop it off. It's longer than any of the other bead-braids I've had, because my hair's longer than it's ever been when beaded. (Or when not beaded, I think.) It became a tradition, somewhere in my head, that a proper bead-braid was an appropriate sacrifice for approaching a potential new job. It feels appropriate, somehow.

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