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Job-type-thing update:

Meeting was a pre-screening event, essentially. There were maybe 20-25 of us. The majority were 20-30 and male. Of the approximately 8 women in attendance, 4 were wearing sensible shoes and 4 were not. One fellow was wearing a basketball jersey.

Once we had all collected and filled out the informational sheets on us, we got seated in a training room of some sort and heard all about the company. People asked questions. We were a fairly quiet class to start with. After a while, we got a screening test, one of those fun standardized ones. This had some forms of questions I'd never encountered before, including "the word I am describing, guess the letter that starts it" and "this word, this list of words here contains either a synonym or an antonym for it, and good luck finding it" along with some more standard multiple-choice questions. I did decently. Not stellar, but decently.

It seems that when I'm On, I can socialize very well with fellow geekboys.

Some of the class got weeded out based on the screening test. Among them was the fellow in the basketball jersey, who'd been pointed out as an example of too-casual for the dress code.

The remaining class got to sit around and get an intro to how things worked, while being pulled off one by one for individual scheduling of interviews. I have mine on Tuesday in the morning. I remembered my social skills and greeted the recruiter who'd called the household and talked to both of us, and identified myself as hcolleen's roommate.

They're hiring the fastest for the Tempe location, it being the newest. I took a gander at what was across the street from it, cracked up laughing, and have decided that all other things being equal, Tempe has a few ... perks. That, and hcolleen likes Tempe, and we've been contemplating a possible future move, and it would help to be closer to start out with.

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