Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Weekend is Nigh

I called Darkside and wished him a happy birthday. There's this little window in June when we're theoretically the same age. He couldn't talk for long. Drat those accelerated summer classes.

Aunt-Fayoumis was due here 2.5 hours ago as of 8:30. Or, at least, she was due to call. I was imagining traffic, but now I'm imagining traffic accidents. (I called her just now, tracking down the cellphone number. She's only 4 hours behind schedule, and 70 to 80 miles away.) I have the floor vacuumed, the usual futon-on-the-floor down, soup in the crockpot, and the vacuum cleaner and all the long clangy-sticks stuffed in the closet. (The closet looks normal until you realize that it's sort of supposed to be walk-in, a little, and there's no room to walk.)

JD came over after work in anticipation of potential Being Out and Doing Things; that was not to be. He hasn't been getting enough sleep. He announced the intention for a nap, on the floor. I directed him at my bed, as there is precious little floorspace, and I didn't know then when Aunt-Fayoumis was getting in.

He complained, as there were rocks in my bed. The specific nature of the complaint about the rocks is that rocks are hard. This digressed in a silly direction; I re-made my bed without the rocks, and he curled up quite happily and took a nap. Hermione-cat came up, sniffed him, considered leaping on top of him and sleeping on his shoulder, but decided to look offended and stalk off instead. Menfolks aren't supposed to be SLEEPING in my BED, it seems.

I have another red candle lit. The first one was for clearing up that situation. This one is thanks for the situation clearing up.

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