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2007.06.26 omfg!


...I got to cite having seen goatse and tubgirl in my interview, as a reason that I am employable. To wit:

Interviewer: "You may in the course of your work encounter people with websites that are ... objectionable. Are you OK with that?"
Me: "I have seen both goatse and tubgirl, and I've survived."
She giggled. I think that's a good sign. She said I was very well suited to this position, at the end of the interview. *flail* I had stage fright before, and now I'm having reaction after. OMG.
I'm going to be cooking dinner tonight. I need to check with the bits of management (the ones here right now) what-all I have to download from my brain before I go part-part-time.
Typoes that you don't need to see in a suggestion: "fiends" for "friends". An honest typo, but hilarious in context. My dears, if you happen to be submitting a suggestion, do think about spell-checking as a bare minimum. There are things with typographical errors that could have been caught by spell-check, even LJ's spell-check. Admittedly, "fiends" wouldn't have been caught. Other things would have been.
I will have to make major downloads from my brain before I go part-part-time here. The prospect is scary.
Field will need me to document stuff too.

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