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2006.06.27 Happy Birthday, Ginger!


Dinner last night = successful. I cooked. London broil + soy sauce + rice wine vinegar + diced garlic + sliced ginger + chopped green onions + fish broth + sufficient broccoli + wok + Southern-style rice + corn on the side = yum. The broccoli looked rather less green than I might have wanted, but it was tender and tasty, given that it was simmering in the delicious juices of the meat and sauce.


Company meeting soon. I am running low on chocolate right now. Meetings generally have cookies. Yay cookies. Site Services was giving out priezes; they are some office supplies. I have a clipboard (water-stained), two Windows NT books (you still find it places!) and a handful of binder clips (staying in the office).


Whee, meeting is at noon. Hooray landfill power!


Meeting not deadly boring as feared. However, meeting format manages to make even celebrations appear dull. Awards and cake.

For y'all not watching lj_maintenance, there is scheduled network maintenance the evening of the 29th/morning of the 30th. That means downtime. Plan alternate activities requiring absence from LJ for this time. For the US, this may involve actual sleep.


Snarky Lady has a conference call right here next to me. I have my music up way loud in headphones to block out the meeting, as the remote end of the meeting has a lot of eyerolling content.

Alas! The swimming route from New York to Paris has been removed from Google Maps. Don't know when it went away, but it's not working any more now.


The fruit of the day is strawberry.


Why is it so conceptually hard to replace a date? Why is it so conceptually hard to figure out where all I have dates and then do a search and replace on them? You silly Lunatic, you.


What the hell is so special about the number 234889? So far I've factored 17 out of it, leaving 13817. This is the number of records that a certain query is pulling up. Suspects would be 1181 and 12, since those numbers are the number of records in table X and the number of records in table Y, but ... wtf? those are nowhere in there. I'll hack at this tomorrow. Juicy little puzzle. All in the name of making things easier for my office ladies, I tell you...

Time for writers group now.


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