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Quick notes:

One of the two components of santorum is in fact lube. (There was then a discussion about whether santorum could wind up as the result of a "surprise" incident, because of the lack of opportunity for proper lubrication presented by the surprise nature of it all.

I am willing to share sleeping quarters with almost any amount of regular noise, because I grew up in effectively a two-room Alaskan house with Dad, who snores like a buzz saw and now uses a CPAP. Just, anyone sharing bed-space with me had better be OK with encountering a rock.

OMG UTERINE LINING. It's good to see you. It's unnerving to see so much of you at once.

Must dig up poor Ethan. Attempted to explain Heinlein to someone who's only read the first half of Stranger in a Strange Land. The stereotypical Heinlein Heroine is:
  • Red-headed
  • tall (optional)
  • stacked (not optional)
  • smart
  • pretty
  • good with languages
  • handy, strong, and capable
  • a great 2nd in command
  • both fertile and maternal
  • horny
  • bisexual
  • polyamorous
  • submissive to The Right Man, but in a spunky/sassy/challenging fashion
(My kinks, let me show you them. Harshaw = Gary Stu?)

The cookie defeated the spoon. Spoon-bending! Insanely cool camera! The color red! (Me wearing the color red for my interview, causing a significant disruption at work when I merely walked through an aisle!) Causing depleted appetizers to be replenished will forever be known as "re-greening" now, even if the actual colors change. One cookie is never enough.

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