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Living a life I can't leave behind

Got sleep. Woke up. Played online. Petted the cat. Read. Tried calling Dawn; she was at work. She called me back on her lunch break. Is it just me who's boggled by how people sound surprised that I don't hate Darkside's guts and/or am still (best) friends with him? Because, really, best-friend-in-the-universe is not something that I declare lightly, nor something that I give up lightly at the first sign of trouble. I may be a flake in all my other relationships, but that one is something special, and would take something more than my hurt feelings to destroy. (They'll need more than a crane.) m

Tried calling Darkside. No answer in the morning. Connected around 5pm, chatted briefly, though his headache won out eventually. Dawn is to be in town Septemberish; we will make plans. I'm still the communications hub of the old crowd. Touched base with iroshi. (I hadn't known that the thing in my head did referrals too! Also: soulmates and their multiple functions.)

The space bar is going out on the laptop keyboard here. It's taken a beating, in the years I've had this thing. This laptop is still in better condition than my last one, though.

Started going through the queue. It wasn't as scary as the last few times, but I didn't get half as much done. I did get sidetracked, because while I was going searching for precedents to one thing, I discovered a category of things that hadn't been tagged at all. (Screening.) So I went through the comments tag list and pulled out all the screening ones and tagged them, and tagged some freezing ones that weren't tagged as well. And then I found some older ones that had been sneakily implemented coincidentally and the "oh this happened" hadn't gotten so far as to wind up getting them tagged. So they got tagged. Well, the one that got me started on that particular train was the one that didn't have any sort of status tag on it. So I had to figure out what it was, and it was the sort of thing where I could check really quickly to see if it had happened, and, well, it had! (Adding the recent comments page to the site map, to be specific.)

jai_dit got off work at some point in there, and came over. There was pie-related insanity.

JD: "It would be bad to have pie *and* cheesecake for dinner, right?"
Azz: "Right. Pick one. ...Or, have one for dinner and the other for dessert."

The cheesecake spawned more insanity. IRC tells the tale:
[20:24] Azz: JD: "The cheesecake is MINE, bitch!"
[20:24] Azz dies laughing
[20:24] UrsaMajor snickers
[20:24] JD: well, it was trying to escape
[20:24] UrsaMajor: it grew legs?
[20:24] JD: no
[20:24] Azz: Gravity is a bitch.
[20:24] UrsaMajor: hee
[20:26] Azz: He put it into the box upside down, I laughed at him, and then he dropped it.
[20:26] JD: almost dropped it.
[20:26] Azz: It had lost contact with your hands and was headed in a floorwards direction.
[20:27] Azz: This was after the encounter with the booby-trapped fridge.
[20:27] UrsaMajor: hehehe.
[20:27] UrsaMajor: awww
[20:27] JD: who puts pitchers on top of the freezer so they fall down when you open it, anyway.
[20:27] Azz: Me!
[20:27] JD not a klutz at all, no
[20:28] Azz: And oh, was that what it was. I thought it was like spaghetti shooting out of the freezer to smack you between the eyes.
[20:28] JD: run. she's getting ideas
[20:29] UrsaMajor: hehe
[20:29] Azz: I would have gotten away with it too, if not for you meddling kids!

I dropped JD off and went off to pick up hcolleen, who'd had a day at least from heck, if not hell. (She got my brain on the topic of poly vs. mono wiring, more about soulmates, and me. That's going to need some reflection, possibly under lock or filter.) I dropped her off at home and made tortillas, bread, and ice cream happen. (JD, you're welcome to some. It's in the freezer.)

Monday will be a Great Stats Crunch. I can hardly wait. I have prepared, with cherries, chocolate, and documentation.

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