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Qwest! Cellphone!

I am on hold with Qwest about the dead cellphone. Fortunately, I'm on hold with an *agent*, not waiting for one. Unfortunately, it's about a 30 second loop of hold music.

legomymalfoy sympathized with me at this point, due to her past experience with them.

Their IVR has improved. I lost my cellphone back in May, and the dude said that since the contract was about to run out anyway, there was no need for me to get back to them if I decided I did not want to re-green*. THIS WAS APPARENTLY WRONG. So I'm on hold seeing if they can take care of the month that I was billed for that I didn't have any intention of using and thought I didn't have, or if we have to dispute it with billing.

Oh, hooray! They were able to take care of it. The agent apologized for the long hold, but if it's a long hold resulting in the charges being credited back to me, I'm so not complaining. Though I did inform her that the hold music is about a 30 second loop of the same song, so it's great for very quick holds, but it is not great for a hold longer than about a minute, and if she could please pass that up the management chain.

I bought a more-minutes card for the prepaid cellphone last night, so once that gets in, I should be good to go. Don't know if it's eating pictures or not, though. I got a shot or two yesterday that I was trying to send out, but that did not end well.

* Re-green: literally, LiveJournal Support Volunteer slang for the act of a customer responding to an answered support request in a way that is not closing the request. This derives from the color coding on the Support message boards, where the color of a new (unanswered) Support request is green, the color of an answered request is a beige or yellow, and the color of a "still needs help" request is (once again) green. Given that it's slang and we're a very informal group at heart to start with, "re-green" has passed into the non-support-specific slang pool of the support and surrounding people to mean to re-open, renew, refill, make needing attention again, or return to near-original state after being what we thought was done, finished, completed, or all gone. And the definition is nearly longer than the actual entry!

(And speaking of re-green, there are some things that are good when re-greened, like those really tasty appetizers. There are some things that are not good when re-greened, like the swimming pool.)

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