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2007.07.03 What if the Army had to have a bake sale?

I have guilt about not meeting my shared writing committments. I also have a tasty cupcake and some peanut butter fudge, with an appointment with some geek or other to reinstall crap on my machine. Oh, and database insanity. Before I even try to upload crap, I need to see if/how I can install support for non-paid break in all the stuff and things.

Oh, and then there's the thing I've been meaning to say whenever I see a couple specific new volunteers in channel. I Am Not A SupportHelp (or Op), but I observed that at least one new person came in with a nick of their name (or what they prefer to be addressed as), rather than their username, and (at different times) several different ops greeted them directly and wanted to know who they were. And I noticed that the person I was thinking of may have interpreted this as "I should have my nick be my username". But just looking around the channel, there are quite a few people whose nicks and usernames don't match up. I know that sometimes there's a level of paranoia in channel about unfamiliar names coming in, but once the new person is identified as Someone Who Has Business Hanging Out There (like a new volunteer or someone with an alternate nick or a friend-of who has reason to be there), doors open, ops and SHs smile, and all is good.

1:12 PM 7/3/2007

1:13 PM 7/3/2007
Remote geek couldn't connect. Alas.

1:22 PM 7/3/2007
omg, microsoft infopath. I've never played with this before, but omg. forms creator.

1:41 PM 7/3/2007
I want Visio, but at the moment maybe Word will have to do. (shudder.)

1:52 PM 7/3/2007
One world's loss is another world's gain. When one asshat bricks up a door, someone punches out a window.

2:34 PM 7/3/2007
Gods but I dislike dealing with spammers.

2:41 PM 7/3/2007 -- I can't read this at work. It's a remix, and the original author calls the remix "scorching hot", and is flailing.

2:50 PM 7/3/2007
Really, any comm with multiple active maintainers doing their thing, where they need to coordinate in some fashion, probably needs a community solely for administrative coordination.

4:46 PM 7/3/2007
I'm happy with my documentation today. It makes me happy. I went through the list of my action queries and figured out a) what they did, and b) in what order they should be done. And that is a good thing, and I like that.
The bake sale looks like it was good. Management brought cupcakes baked in ice cream cones. Very cute, but also very bizarre. They would have been better in waffle cones, I think, because waffle cones are not only made out of waffle, they are also made out of win. You cannot argue with both waffles and win. Well, you can, but that would wind up being a holy war. We don't like holy wars around these parts so much.
Can has faith. After a month to adjust, and then Ro smacking me hard on the head in the right way, I have a solid core of faith in the situation again. I have a hard time describing it in words that aren't feelings. Picture a container of cookies & cream ice cream, the one with the Oreos and the vanilla ice cream. You know how occasionally you find a lump of the creamy filling in the ice cream, a lump without surrounding chocolate, and it's just so perfectly sweet and creamy and different from the surrounding material? That's how this faith feels, except with less in the way of lactose and scary amounts of sugar and ingredients that really do bad things to the health. I have a best friend, and he has me, and no matter what else happens in our lives, we'll have each other unless we choose to let go. I chose to hang on, and I chose that long ago.


User brings up a good point: the standard "use a client to edit tags faster" doesn't work all the time -- comms where they didn't make the post and the client's trying to edit the whole post.
The original Support request.

What I want to know -- I know I have a lot of assorted LJ/code geeks on the friends list. There's clearly a massive demand for a retagging client. A client with a standard editor has now been documented to not work on retagging comms. I never even thought of this. (I don't think this is standard knowledge in Support, either, because it's a fun intersection of tag/client/comm.) Does anyone feel like writing a client that will retag properly? It wouldn't have to be mass retagging at once (in fact, I bet the engineers would prefer not) but it would have to edit tags only, and work with comms, and should have a "retag and make no changes" feature paired with a quick back-forward. I can't speak for LJ as a whole, but I know that lots of people would LOVE YOU FOREVER, or at least until the next killer app came out.


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