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Thursday night regulars! h1 is Serious Business.

The plan was to hit the Gay Denny's, but luminairex was just back, so we switched locations to Chili's in Tempe. It's amazing how much salsa six people can go through. We had a reasonably awesome waiter; he was tipped in accordance with his sheer level of awesome. There was an unfortunate incident with elyssa's salad, but it was handled with good grace and happiness all around, so far as I noticed. I wound up with salsa in my water glass; the trajectory puts blame squarely at the chips of jai_dit.

Topics of discussion involved New Zealand, Canada, international politics, gas prices, hiking, college, very recent current events involving a whole mess of requests and JD laughing fit to wake up hcolleen (sorry!), health, family, sports, and all kinds of shop talk. (Shop talk is a given.)

It's so very good to have a cluster of local friends.

I'd been planning on hitting bed in a reasonable timeframe, but further developments ensured that it was a while before I hit the shower. (Screenshots would have been far easier, but screenshots don't allow for quoting or individual deletion should there be a problem. So, hello source code.)

Morning will bring hot hot database fun. I keep thinking I have a handle on things. Unfortunately, some of the stuff is still under development (by me), so the results are ludicrous when they're not simply improbable.

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