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Can it be Monday already?

Spoilers ahoy!

90s Music Monday: "Follow Me", Uncle Kracker. I'm not sure why this song stays in my head like it does, but it does, and it makes me smile, even though it's really not that happy of a song. In fact, it's potentially profoundly unhappy, but there's this line of faith and hope going through it that makes it so everything's going to work out all right in the end.

I slept well, and had a nice peaceful morning. I eventually went to work, and got two hours of paperwork slapped out of the way. When interrupted in the middle of a Monday, those same papers might take four hours. This way I can concentrate on the DB come tomorrow morning, and not the bloody paperwork. I might have stayed there far later, but JD got off work, and since I shouldn't stay past the supervisors on the floor, I took that as my cue to leave.

Darkside has another class. He won't have any free time for a few weeks yet. He hadn't heard about the planned move. I was surprised. We had a few nice minutes of conversation, including some dreadful puns. (It's a biology class. He said he was tired of staring at cells. I asked if that made him the warden or an inmate.)

There was karaoke. Randomized songs are scary.

I picked up hcolleen after picking up some groceries. In amusing contrast to the anti-peas theme of my life, frozen peas were one of the grocery elements.

Miss Hermione-cat is getting a little more accustomed to Ecchi-chan. There was brushing, and the cat whined about it but didn't actually insist on running away and hiding under something flattened to the wall.

I did laundry, and had a surreal encounter with a cute geekboy. He asked "What means 'interface'?" and I explained it. From his general phrasing and accent, I'm fairly sure it was an ESL question, rather than a non-geeky question.

I discovered that I am more behind on tagging than I thought I was. Woe! I also have a pending question from someone who does not know that suggestions is not like all other communities. I am tired. I'd like to stay up and keep working on that, but I need some bedtime now.

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