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2007.07.09 Sour Cherries

2007.07.09 Sour Cherries


Today's cherries are not finest-kind. Just thought you should know.


Well, if I leave it null, will it average? I don't think so. Hooray! I think it's time to experiment, yo. (That means gathering and uploading stuffs. Glee.)


Yay interruptions. Not.


OK, got the status stuff ironed out I hope. Pulling data. Like pulling teeths? No, pulling teeth is more expensive but shorter and less sheerly annoying. I had an overall good experience having my wisdom teeth out despite the ache afterward. I'm grateful like all fuckery that I don't have chronic pain. There is no painkiller that works on fucking data retrieval from a system that's not set up to get it right. Except maybe booze, but my family has a bad history with that and in any case drinking booze at work is severely frowned upon.


Training classes? This week? wtf? Oh, but I hate this fussy bloody paperwork.


Lady, why did you bring your kids to the job interview? Old Lady, just because you're old, it doesn't mean that you aren't still having body odor in Arizona. It does not smell fresh, either. Is your nose dead or something? Office Lady, sorry my documentation is making you tear your hair. I'm writing it very informally and putting my assumptions in it, and you're going through and taking care of screaming about those assumptions. I'm sure I'll hear you yelling from back here in my little space.


need to spring for paid account for note_to_cat.


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