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2007.07.10 Undercaffeinated, but I have laundry money!

2007.07.10 Undercaffeinated, but I have laundry money!


The usual sort of workplace follies. Worse, because I got a brief conference call while trying to drag 10meg files off the slow remote drive that I'm not allowed to access under my proper login. But it's going to be a good day, right?

Worried about the cat. Saw something scary in the litter box.


Anyone local (Phoenix-area) who can potentially take an Only Cat for an indefinite length of time? She came here at the beginning of April, for a month. It's the beginning of July now. This is not a good thing. She's making friends, but she hasn't really bonded, especially not with Heather. That is not good in a studio apartment. E-mailing the last known contact people for the human of the cat. This is one of those things where I should have said something more definite sooner, because I'm getting panickyboundariescrowding now.

12:28 USB lamp indicates typing speed. Spiffy!

1:01 Sprint boots whiny customers -- heeeeeeeeeeee. (Via both techsupport and the friendly local Canadian.)


Darling, in "Maggie May", the line is "as blind as a fool can be", not "as blind as a fookin' bee". Thank you.


I love my friends. Really, I do. Y'all have me grinning a whole lot more than I should be.


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