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Today, Miss Lunatic was completely insane. How, you ask?

First, she stayed up until nearly midnight, writing a review of her current apartment complex, after reading reviews of the potential new apartment complex, and coming to the conclusion that the main problems there are: insufficient maintenance staff, potentially mold, and the presence of a passive-aggressive bitch in the office staff who has discovered and the Anonymous Coward feature there, plus the concept of sockpuppets. And when people come in expecting to have obsequious service and instead get the kind of service you get at a semi-crappy apartment complex, there is going to be whining to start with. We're coming in expecting semi-crappy service, so we should be just fine, should we ultimately choose to go there.

jai_dit and I saw the new Harry Potter movie yesterday. I bopped him on the back of the head a few times for general filthymindedness. I came down with the beginnings of a splitting headache from all the whatever the hell it was that we were doing yesterday. Potential culprits could include sun, heat, possible dehydration, not-soon-enough supper, overstimulation, too much crash and boom and movie, and general insanity.

Today, I slept happily in. There was an incident with Hermione-cat missing the litterbox. I tried calling, and wound up leaving a message.

I did laundry. I did some cleaning, both of my desk area and the kitchen. I laid out my entire outfit for tomorrow. I thought about laying out my entire outfit for the whole week, but didn't get that far. I had two cups of hot chocolate with a bit of coffee as well. I had lots of iced tea. The result was complete mania with babbling and creating what was intended to be a moving checklist but has evolved into some sort of organizational nightmare document, involving the household items that we are all bringing to the party. There is somewhat unnecessary pasta salad. The next iteration of dishes is being loaded into the dishwasher. I got a decent amount of tagging done, though not all of what I needed to get done, and no research whatsoever (sorry, coffeechica). I kept seeing things that I wanted to do, and started actually writing them down somewhere so I might get them done before we move. We're planning to move in either October or December (November is right out for the obvious reason that almost all of the people who would be helping us move will also be doing NaNoWriMo)

Current lipstick color: blue glitter.

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