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Down, up, down.

Went to bed about when I planned to. Woke up at 11pm. Alas. Tried to get back to sleep. Read for a while. That failed. About ten spoilers and a complete modem & router reboot later (a friend's collecting spoilers from anything and everything) I'm actually feeling tired.

Effective now until my schedule changes: if you see me on IRC past 9pm on a weeknight for the next three weeks, or past 8pm on a work night starting the 2nd week in August, you are perfectly within your rights to smack me and tell me to get my ass to bed. (That's GMT -7, for non-locals.) However, I'll be getting up at 5-something for training, and 4-something for work, so some of y'all may see me up anyway.

And speaking of spoilers, a heads-up on one of the latest twits amusing themselves at the expense of the HP spoiler-sensitive.

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